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... to, the network home of PIB-d Ltd

PIB-d is a joint-venture between organisations in the UK’s HE sector and the founders of an earlier private sector start-up, Edentity Ltd. Further details about the JV partners can be found in the 'About PIB-d' section.

The company’s initial remit is to conduct a feasibility study for a pilot of a new kind of electronic infrastructure, called Personal Information Brokerage (PIB).

Our idea is that, in time, an individual will be able to choose a 'personal information broker' from a managed market, and use then his broker account to: (i) register with, sign-on to, and communicate with, multiple counterparties, both organisations (initially universities) and individuals (initially fellow students); and (ii) give explicit permission for the transmission of personal information (some of which may be validated) to and between counterparties.

PIB can be thought of as a hybrid of ideas from the fields of payment systems, user-centric identity-management, social networking, and telecommunications. It offers benefits to all parties: individuals will gain control of  their personal information, and so can do more things on the web without risking their privacy; while organisations will find that the quality of their customer records improves, and that the costs of customer acquisition fall as their marketing becomes ever more focused on those likely to buy.

You can find out more, both about the PIB concept and the development company, by browsing this site. There are also a number of relevant white-ish papers.