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Complementing Verify PDF Print E-mail

The Cabinet Office, which coordinates work across UK government departments, has created the GOV.UK Verify service to enable individuals to prove their identity online. This paper - which is well supported by leading academics and by much of the UK's personal data community - argues that a Personal Data Ecosystem (PDE) will complement Verify, particularly in helping young people gain an assured identity, by enhancing privacy, and by providing a better way to approach 'attribute exchange'. After seeing the paper in early 2016, Cabinet Office  agreed that PIB-d could open discussions with BIS and DfE about the PDE project, so relaxing its quasi-monopoly on all projects related to online identity in the public sector.

Giving individuals control . . . PDF Print E-mail

This paper, 'Giving individuals control ..',  is one of the outcomes from the formal feasibility study of the PIB concept, as carried out by PIB-d recently. We start by arguing for a PIB-style infrastructural approach from first principles, then explore its implications for the education sector and wider society. 14 pages + annexes.

Work Group on UC-IdM

This is the report of the Work Group on User-Centric Identity (& Personal Information) Management, as sponsored by the Information Commissioner's Office, the Technology Strategy Board, and the Cyber Security KTN. The report was published in late December 2008. John Harrison, then of Edentity, played a leading role in the Group.

Download this file (WG-UC-IdM report - published.pdf)WG-UC-IdM report - Dec 08172 Kb
House of Lords S&T Committee

This is the paper submitted by John Harrison, then of Edentity, to the House of Lords Science & Technology Commitee enquiry into Personal Internet Security, chaired by Lord Broers in 2006. It is notable for the broad support that it received -  as indicated on the front cover -  from academics, the public sector, and business.

Download this file (Edentity Submission to HoL ST Commitee abridged.pdf)H-o-L paper Nov 06 - abridged84 Kb